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Feb 16th, 2008... 

2007 was a very interesting, exhausting, emotional, and rewarding year for our family.
Our daughter decided she wanted to explore new adventures and without any warning, 
took flight 4 days after she graduated on June 2nd.  My wife and I were crushed to 
find that she really wanted to leave without saying good buy. We love her very much, 
and support her with this adventure. She is doing fine in the Tacoma,  in the Gig Harbor
 area. She is going to college and studying music there. She is happy,
 and we are very proud of her.  Michell - WE LOVE YOU... 

My son is in his 3rd year at Texas Tech studying GeoPhysics, and looks like he will be
there for at least 5 years total to get his degree and a second major. He loves and hates
Lubbock, Texas.  He knows that the industry will be paying big dollars for his services
in the coming years. He is excited about that. We are very proud of Joseph. 

About a year ago, Feb 2006, I left Loftware to take on a great new adventure with IBM. 
It has been a tremendous challenge as a job, still selling document management software
in the Houston area. I do not travel much any more, and work alot out of my home and
our new condo on West Galveston. 

Yes, our new condo on West Galveston has been a god sent to us. We have really enjoyed
being on the beach almost every weekend. We love people in the area, and it has helped
us think things out in life, now that we are empty nesters.  A good friend said it best, 
we are done parenting and ready to explore new adventure just like our kids.  We will 
never stop loving them and they know that. 

Live is too short not to enjoy it. So we embrasss our live and love our kids. 

Hope to hear from you soon,

We would love to hear from you.... Joseph, Kate, Joseph and Michelle Yoklavich The Woodlands, TEJAS

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