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ROADTRIP 98 Our Journal is Below

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This was a Great TRIP Pictures, My Great Grandfather & GrandMother Martin and Anna Yoklavich Also, the Marshalls Office where Joseph C. SR. was a Deputy Sheriff in the 1920s & 30s Home Page click here:

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More Pictures from our ROADTRIP 98 Grand Tetons Crested Butte, Colorado - Home of the Yoklavich Family

ROAD TRIP 1998 - Journal

To our Family and Friends,

What can I say ? We traveled 4,600 miles, saw Eagles, Bears,Yellow Bellied Marmots,, stood next to Elk, and watched Moose graze in the marsh. The days were long with adventure and the nights cool with brisk air. We looked up at huge mountains, and gazed down on picture perfect green valleys. The Rockies were full of wild flowers, and beautiful clear running creeks. Saw a Rodeo where mud flung up at our faces … We left on July 17th and 20 days later came back home with big smiles on our faces. The one hour of videos we took and 8 rolls of film did not do the trip justice… Our memories will be full of spectacular images we encountered. It was a nothing short of a great trip.

In preparation for the trip, I set special spots to visit, and last January had secured several key places to stay. The Internet gave me plenty of references and alternative to places to visit. Our Suburban was ready to go. Loaded with TV, VCR, CDs and Netendo hookups. We recorded 20 hours of TV, had 6 full length movies including the Indian Jones Trillolgy… The Ice chest was full of munchies and imported beer. A large box full of cereal, crackers, snacks and thing.

The vacation started early for Joe, he left July 12th for Scout camp, on the Possum Kingdom Lake about 100 miles west of Fortworth… We missed him during the week in preparation of the trip. My wife and I were a little worried, the temp was getting in the 100s and it was hot. But, we talked to him a few days later, of course he wanted to go home.. but, he stuck it out with the other scouts… He had a lot of water sports, and got his one mile swim in too….We left on July 17th, and drove to Dallas. There, we had a great dinner and a lot of laughs with our friends Owen and Jeanette Deverich. They were in the final phase of putting in a pool in their backyard… We left Owen and Jennette’s and drove to Mineral Springs. about 30 miles away from where Joe was at… We got up early the next morning a went to the Scout Camp.

It was not hard to find the Scout Camp, but we drove all over the camp trying to find Joe’s troop. When we finally found the troop… there he was, with a big smile on his face. Him and the other boys looked like piles of dust, and relieved that their ordeal had cam to an end. Joe jumped in the Suburban, and just soaked in the A/C… He was very happy, he had a great time, but was ready for the BIG ROADTRIP …

We got back to the main highway and started the long drive to Colorado… It takes for ever to exit out of Texas, but 9 hours later we were in Colorado… and decided to take a "short cut" to Cripple Creek. ..Well., guess what… We started our first real adventure that day. The road got smaller, then became a dirt road, then a canyon, then very steep hills, and suddenly, we were are in beautiful Red Rock canyon . Just big enough for the Suburban to fit on… and looking straight down at a river and straight up a mountain. Needless to say, we traveled for about 40 miles at 10-15 miles an hour… it was exciting..

We arrived in Cripple Creek about 8:00pm, only to find that every single room was booked for 70 miles around the mountain and the nearest city is back in Colorado Springs. After I lost about $50 bucks on the slots and blackjack, we had to head back to Colorado Springs… on the regular highway this time, to get a room. The only thing available was at the Cheyenne Country Club. Great rooms, for the 8 hours we were there.. but damn, expensive… Anyhow, we got up, knowing we had another long day drive to Wyoming.

That morning, we drove back to Cripple Creek, and went down the Molly Kathleen Gold Mine. 1000 feet down a 6 * 6 elevator shaft into the original Gold Mine. To get into this mine we had to cram 10 people into a small compartment…very small…. The tour guide showed us various minerals in the walls, how they mined and the different types of the mining tools used. Afterwards, at the top, we fed chipmunks from our hands, and just took in the beautiful scenery. Back to Colorado Springs and north on Highway 25… We made it to Wyoming, about 3:00 p.m., had dinner in Casper, Wyoming.…

Today was Kate’s 39th birthday !!!! , July 19h … We gave her some presents that morning, at the country club, but her birthday dinner was not the best…Denny’s in Casper, Wyoming .. Yee Haa…I felt like crap… I promised her a better dinner the next night. We continued to Thermopolis, Wyoming and arrived about 9:30pm that night. Before arriving to Thermopolis, we parallel the Big Horn river down a beautiful canyon. The rock formations were spectacular, the river raged and it was a great site. Road signs going down the canyon, were foot notes of the age of the rock formations. Example: The formation you now see are between 150 to 180 millions years old, part of the Cursteauous Dinosaur period or Jurassic or something like that. It was cool… As we came out of the canyon. And into the plains of rolling hills, a few miles later was Thermopolis. The largest Mineral Hot Springs in the World layed before us and this place was one of the highlights of our trip.

It was about 10:00pm before we settled in, the sun was just going down at that time. We got up early the next morning. Let me tell you about this place. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in the Hot Springs National Park. The man that owns this is an avid hunter… He is not just any ordinary hunter… This guy has mounted up in the restaurant and bar over 600 different animals. More than a zoo. He has about a thousand pictures of his hunting trips posted everywhere.

The hotel sits about 200 yards from the Hot Springs park… There is a public bath with hot springs, and two basic Water Parks with Giant slides. We fell in love with this place right off the bat. The mineral hot springs bath house was great. The kids played on the slides for about 3 straight hours. At one point, Joe had this 500 foot waterside, all to himself… then about 2pm, the travelers started to arrive, but about 50 people were in the 3 acre park at the most. We came back to our hotel, scheduled massages for Kate and I…We still had some time to kill, so we headed up to the Dinosaur Museum… A local Museum with great artifacts… We went to an actual dig site, and you can see right there on the mountain, the big bones being cared for and taken out… Very, Very Interesting stuff… Kate wants to do the dig site next time. Then Kate and I had a fantastic Dinner at the Suffari Club. A bottle of wine, I had a Steak and Kate had the biggest, fattest Trout I have ever seen. Served in Butter and Garlic… It was great…

We stayed in Thermopolis, 2 nights, on Tuesday it was time to head to Yellowstone…. We got up late…went by a Buffalo Ranch by the Hot springs and saw about 20 Buffalo right off the road… Huge and ugly animals….Then took off for the road.. headed to Cody, gassed up, and started to travel to Yellowstone… The road takes us through Buffalo Bill National Park. We drove into some beautiful country. Deep Canyons, tall mountains, plush green valleys, and fields of beautiful flowers and waterfalls.

We got to the parks entrance, and started toward the center of Yellowstone. The road runs around the Yellowstone Lake. This lake is about 10 times larger than Tahoe… We finally got to the Yellowstone Lake Hotel, but, our room was not ready yet. So, we got back into the Suburban and headed to, where else, Old Faithful… on the way, we saw Geysers, Kebblers Cascade Falls, then Old Faithful. Through out most of the park, you can see the devastation of the 1988 Fire. But, through the dead tree timbers were millions of 3 to 6 foot new seedling trees… It was sad, at the same time we were seeing a new beginning too.

So anyway… here we are coming to Old Faithful, you can see the Old Lodge in the distance.. and signs to park… far away… finally in the sea of parked cars we find a spot. get out, and start walking toward Old Faithful… only to find, that we needed to wait about an hour before the next eruption. OK, no problem, we checked out Old Faithful lodge which was pretty neat… and about a dozen Geysers surrounding Old Faithful about a 2 mile hike… Nows the time…We sit off the walk way… as we look on for the event, we are joined by about 5,000 other people in a huge semi circle 10 deep around this big blow hole. Finally it erupts, just as spectacular as I saw it about 20 years ago… But one thing is different, there were about 4,000 less people……. So you hear the ohhhs and ahhhs. You hear about 1,000 cameras going off…

"We came, we saw, let’s go now Dad".

Ok, you got it about 2,000 cars now leaving the parking lot for the main highway… We saw a few more "thermal wonders", put our feet in the river… and headed back.. to Yellowstone Lake Hotel. It was about 30 miles away. We were all tired by this time. Of course the place was packed. The hotel was build in 1890, and was set in the 1920’s look. The rooms were huge, but old too. The hallways were large, but crooked…. Very crooked… In the main parlor by the dinner hall a four piece quartet played Mozart and "Happy Trails to You", big Roy died that week…. Reservations were needed in advance for the main restaurant, we thought we would have to go elsewhere… But I walked up, and gave a couple of sympathetic one liners to the head waiter. And we got in. The food was good. We took a walk down to the Lake, Kate went back to the room to get jackets. It was getting cold.. Texans are not use to that in July… When she came back the kids were down by the water, Joe was talking with another kid. … Kate and I watched them have fun until it started getting dark. We came back to the hotel about 200 yards away, and sat again in the Parlor and listend to the quartet.

We got up the next morning, check out of the Hotel.. By 8:00am, we were on the road and we started up the North East side to Upper and Lower Falls. Spectacular Falls to say the least. … took a ton of pictures… Up the road, we saw more. At Roosevelt Falls, we were able to hike down, under the falls… it was great. The hike was about a mile down and 3 miles back, the mist from the falls and the roar was very impressive. Michelle was exhausted. But we made it… We drove to Roosevelt’s Lodge and had some lunch. This is the same rustic lodge he built back in the 1880’s…

Proceeded to Mammoth Hot Springs, just before the Hot Springs we came upon 20 Elk grazing off the road. Of course, about 20 cars all stopped in the same area. But we were within 20 feet of these gorgeous animals. We watched them for about a half hour… it was a great sight to see. We headed up the hill from there on the road to Mammoth Hot Springs, where hundreds of pools of hot water cascade down the hill sides in small pools of mineral tubs. Absolutely beautiful to see. It started to rain, but stopped…. The pool walls were white, red, gray, black and yellow in colors.

At that point, we were at the north end of Yellowstone. So, Kate, the kids and I had seen a lot, we started south on the west side.. saw more Geysers, and more waterfalls…and started toward Flagg Ranch outside of Yellowstone. We saw a Bear across the valley…it was a dot… but still a bear…. Then as we were leaving Yellowstone about 2 miles before the exit… There it was… the grand prize for Kate… a Male MOOSE with a full Rack head dress… it was about 100 yards off the road. Of course, all cars stopped too… but it was out there, just grazing in the marsh meadow…A few more miles away was our next stop.. but this time, we were staying for 4 nights… I got a cabin at Flagg Ranch off the Snake River… The river was about 300 yards away, but from our cabin you could see it…

The next day, we took a river raft trip and went horseback riding….The raft trip was fun, we saw a Bald Eagle just perched on a tree next to river. We were about 50 feet from it. The rapids were tame… but the kids had fun…The water was very cold. We got into a water fight with another group, and Joe got cold real quick… the water was about 50 degrees. The horseback riding was Ok too… it was sort of boring, Nose and Tail on a very dusty trail…. But towards the end a boys horse started to take off and the whole group was in a full gallop trying to catch up with the boy… no one was hurt… but the excitement was there.

We dusted off by the Snake river that day.. the water was very cold… The next day we went to the Grand Tetons….I was always impressed with the High Sierra’s and the mountain range on the way to Mammoth … But, I have never seen a more spectacular range than this…. The mountain range rocket straight up into the air… as you came closer, you saw waterfalls coming down the solid granite rocks with snow still at the top. The valley below was lush and beautiful…

We went to Jenny Lake, and took the boat across the Lake to hike to Hidden Falls. The hike back was breath taking… You hear the roar of the river, the tall trees cover the sky, the trail is covered with solid pink granite rock. The sides of the trail have green bushes and bold ivy flowers all around. What can I say… it was heaven to me…We headed up the trail to the Falls, and continued up the side of the mountain for Inspiration Point. Of course at 8,000 ft above sea level, half way up the mountain was inspiration enough for us… We came, We saw, we split…

After Jenny Lake, we headed back to the Suburban, got in the car… and No Power, the kids left the transformer hooked up in the back and the battery was DEAD to the world. We got a jump, and headed to Jackson Hole (JH), and had a new battery put in the car, Joe has started a new craving for RIBs, every menu that had RIBs since we left, he has to order…. So, we ate lunch, picked up the car, then drove over to Teton Village, about 11 miles away from JH. There is a tram which takes you up to the top of the Mountain at 11,900 feet. Up we went in a tram which packed about 20 people, to the top of the ski runs. At the top, we watched about half dozen people take off the mountain para sailing… We found out for $175, you get a guide hooked on to you, to take you out… It was a sight. They would just hover out there above the valley…. You can see for hundreds of miles. Next time… yep, Kate and I are there….

We took a small hike along the rim of the mountain and came upon plenty of snow for the kids to play…. This one kid, walked from behind, he was about 8 years old, took a snowball and threw it at the back of Joe’s head… Joe was not looking, he laughed, but his Dad warned him not to do it again… then, he picked up another and hit Kate in the arm…Thats it I said, I ran over to Justin.. that was his name, took large amount of snow and got the kid good… The Dad said, "I warned you"… we all gave each other high five’s…

On the way back to the tram, we saw several more para-sails take off. At the bottom, local Indians were demonstrating dances and art work.. We check them out for a long time… It was on a big lawn about half of a football field…. It was getting late in the day… so we headed back, of course, we took a short cut back, I found a dirt road, which weaved in and out of Aspen trees, in with thousands of wild flowers… Kate had me stop every few miles to take pictures… it was breath taking… we got back on the main road and headed back to Flagg Ranch.

The one room Cabin sat about 100 feet higher than the river… Joe and Michelle were out side… suddenly, Joe yelled "WOLF"… are you sure Joe… No, it a Coyote… sure enough… running about 200 yards away by the river was a Coyote ….. We heard the whole pack howling …. Then, about 15mins later, Joe come in a says… Moose ! Moose !… he was so excited… Sure enough about 150 yards away, a big Female Moose… is jogging by… So Kate, and the kids head down towards it… It went into the bushes, but I could see its head from the cabin… So would yell to Kate to "Go about 100 yards to your left" by then the Moose headed toward the river.. Kate got some great camera shots of the Moose crossing the river…

The next day, we slept in, had a late Breakfast, and went back to Jackson Hole for the day… To start off, JH was packed with people, store fronts with every Cowboy item you can find… The main park in the center has huge arches of antlers you walk into.. JH was too crowded and very Commercial. Also much larger than we had thought… The Teton County Rodeo was that night… so, we went to the Rippley’s "Believe it or Not" to kill a few hours and had a Dinner at a great restaurant then headed to the Rodeo Fair Grounds…. We got front row seats… The stadium held about 1,500 people…it was packed.. The Bulls and Broncs, were released right in front of us across the field. We were so close, mud flew on us… half way through, all kids 12 and under did the calf scramble, Joe jumped down… they let one calf out as 300 kids went scrambling for it….Joe got a piece but did not get the prize…. He was smiling from ear to ear…We left late that Saturday night back to the cabin….Next day, packed up and headed for Crested Butte.

On the way down from Wyoming, we saw beautiful landscape mountains and valleys… About noon time, made it to Dinosaur National Monument in the North East Corner of Utah… There it was, a great big wall of bones, the side of a mountain was full of Dino bones…you can touch then… watch them dig em… It was totally fascinating

We made it to Montrose, Colorado late that evening. The Holiday Inn had a indoor pool… just what the doctor order to relax…Next morning, we got up and drove toward Crested Butte. It was about 3 hours away.. On the way, in Gunnison, we stopped at a shop with Gigantic Elk Horns and a bunch of bones.. You could buy Bear rugs here… you name it… We just about bought a big ass Elk Horn, but I could not see us hauling the horns on top of the Suburban for the rest of the trip. …

We got into Creste Butte about 11:00am and found the townhouse. We were going to stay 3 nights, but as soon as we saw the place, we made it 4 nights…It had 2 big bedrooms on the bottom floor, one with a full size Jacuzzi, the other with a 2 person shower/steam room. The upper floor was a full living room with kitchen, and a beautiful deck out side. Above that was a 2 bed loft looking down on the living room… This was the kids spot… totally Kool, until we had to put their luggage up 3 flights….The deck in the back overlooked the Baseball field at the park, behind the park was Crested Butte Town. The other direction looked right at the big mountain. Far off to the side you could see one of the golf holes at the CB Country Club.

We went into town and had lunch at the Forest Queen. One of the oldest original establishments still there. It set right across from the old City Hall on 2nd and Elk St. We ate outside next to Coal Creek as we sat there, white fluff from cottonwood trees was coming down like snow flakes…. It was a sight to see. Had a great meal, and walked up and down the street a bit… Then drove around town too. I showed the kids the Marshal’s office where Grandpa Yoklavich was a deputy sheriff, showed them various other establishments, that Dad had told me about. Pointed out about where there old home used to be too.

Jay Tizer that evening called, Jay was my old roommates best friend, and he moved to Crested Butte about 5 years ago. I had not seen or talked to Jay in over 16 years…. But, I had found his e-mail address through my old roommate. We had communicated back and forth the last several months by e-mail. So I was excited when we met the next day.

We went to the grave site of Martin and Anna Yoklavich. It was hard to find at first, it had been 20 years since I saw the site last. I was with Joe, I was about 50 yard away, I looked up and across the graveyard, and I was able to quickly go right to them…. They had a lot of sage brush and growth around it, but had beautiful flowers all up and down the graveyard….very pretty looking up on to Crested Butte mountain. We buried some of my Dad’s token stuff at the left base of Martin’s head stone. A cigar, a golf ball he had signed, a few of the tee’s, a few other things too. I also dropped 3 of my Dad’s poker chips at the base of Martin’s head stone. We all cried and then left. I miss that man a lot.

We drove up the mountain, past Crested Butte Ski Resort, up to Gothic… The mountain side was full of Aspens, and flowers, tons of flowers… We went about 15 miles back in… then the kids were getting bored.

We took the kids back to the townhouse, they played Netindo while Kate and I went back into town. We stopped by the Wooded Nickel, had a drink for my dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa.. Shopped a little bit. Went to the store, picked up some big T-Bones and went back and had a BBQ. Opened up a couple of excellent Hess Select Cabs, and sat back on the deck and watch the sun set. It was a great sight. It was a great day.

Slept in the next day, and always woke up to a steam and shower - wow !!! Kate and I got a shovel, and headed back to the graveyard to clean up Martin and Anna’s grave. We spent about 1 and half hours, pulling and digging the brush away from the graves, and, put large rocks at the base. We had Van Halen cracking on the CD in the Suburban, we were waking up the dead too….. But, my lovely wife worked hard with me to make the grave site better… It needs more rocks around it, but, its not lost in the brush. Many of the sites around it are unmarked graves. The head stones set at about a 5 degree lean toward the mountain, but are not in any danger of tilting. They are very close to the access road…so I made sure I put some big rocks at the foot by the road, so no one drives over them…..

We got back to the townhouse, and I called Jay, he was working about 300 yards away behind the Philips station on the main road. He installs network systems around town for a local computer company. We walked to his office, and there he was, less a foot of hair, both of us were less a lot of hair… But the smile, the eyes were the same.. I introduced the family to him, and we talked about 30 mins.. He drew us a map to get to his cabin in the back woods of South Crested Butte, on the property he was renting was a Hot spring which came out of the side of the mountain… its was not hot enough for us though, we went up there, I jumped in, it was about 80 degrees, the river was about 50 degrees and a storm was heading over us… It started to rain, we jumped back into the car and headed back to the town house.

The next day, we all went into town again, walked the streets, the back alleys, we stopped by the newly created Museum on 2nd street. In the museum I started going through the books of the Stefanic’s General Store of 1905, in it I found Martin Jakljevic (Yoklavich) grocery and supply charges for the year…. Total of $15.10.. in the back on a back wall was a section of wall someone had taken newspaper articles and used them for insulation. On the wall was a picture of 1916 July 4th Baseball game with over 1000 people lining the park grounds. On the mound, I swear was Louis (Pickles) Yoklavich, with Joseph behind the plate and Anton at third… I was told the Gunnison County Library would have more information on this. I am going to e-mail them this week about the Baseball teams of the 10s and 20s….

We walked behind Whiterock street, there is a skating park and the Ice rink is located right behind where my Dad and Aunt Shirley uses to live. Bulldozed up, near the park, are still remains of the old COKE ovens, we took a brick home with us. We also went back to Peanut Mine and found old 25lb. Blasting powder cans in the woods… Coal dust mounds, slag piles, and shinny coal chunks. We brought a couple back with us too….

We drove up to Crested Butte Country Club, to check it out, lush, and very, very, expensive. We got shirts, caps, and other things… then checked out a few homes on the mountain… If I hit the lotto…. Well you know…

We met Jay that night at his cabin back in the woods. Its and old "line camp", old hunters cabin with electrical, but no running water. He uses it on occasions, he stays a lot with his girlfriend up at her condo on the mountain. Jay is a local Karate instructor in town, and he and the kids hit it off … Jay let them fire a .22 lugar semi automatic hand gun… then he showed them fishing down by the stream too. We brought hamburgers and had a great camp fire, it was cold that night… But it was a lot of fun….

We had a good time in Crested Butte, I remember my Dad in 1990 on the carriage ride down the streets. Telling the stories and pointing out things about the town… It has a great history, and I will always feel something special there. We left with historical pictures, books, and posters. But, until you walk down the streets, back alleys, and walk into a historic building, you will then understand the feeling I get everytime I’m there…The town has history which is important to me, my wife and my kids.

Off to Silverton, Colorado, on the million dollar highwas, studded with old mines and ghost towns…. What another beautiful strength of land. This places was incredible… It was about 55 degrees outside at the top of the summit before we saw Silverton… We got into the old town and headed toward the Old One Hundred Gold Mine….This Gold Mine was way back in the mountain about 11,000 feet above sea level. To get in to the mine there are mine cars which went into the side of the mountain about 1500 feet.. As we went in, the entrance became a pin hole of light, then suddenly the tunnel lit up to electric light. We got out of our cars, and walked with a guide down the tunnels. The temp was 47 degrees in side, we had protective jackets and helmet to wear. The guide showed us various jack hammers and mordern day tools used by miners. But what was neat, she actually operated the drills and different rock movers through the tour… Our ears rang big time….when it was done, we bought a gold pan… Headed down the mountain to the creek and Kate started panning with the kids. I walked up the road and found a Beaver Damn with a huge Den at one end….In the pond was about a dozen trout hitting on the flys right in front of me… I was sick not to have a pole with me. Well Kate did not find any gold, and I could not fish… so, we were out of there…. We went back to Silverton and checked out the Museum in town… it was in the old Jail house, steel bars, old guns, old sheriff office too.

Silverton was like many of the other towns we had traveled through. Full of shops, stuff to buy… for us, we had been there and done that…. So, we started heading toward Durango, the view was spectacular. The road was winding through the mountain side. By the time we got to Durango, we found a Best Western Motel outside of town. Had a great meal, of course, we had Ribs… and got a good night sleep.

The next morning, Kate and I decide to skip the Durango-Silverton train. It would have taken all day, going over country we already saw, and staying in a town we already visited, plus, it was raining….So why go… Instead, we took the kids to Mesa Verdes Cliff Dwellings. It was 2 hours west of Durango by the four corners area. The drive up to the Dwelling from the main highway/ park entrance was very beautiful. You could actually see some of Monument Valley in Utah from the top of the mountain. It had just rained there. From the North West you can see the mountain range and snow top of where Silverton and Durango was, and look across a vast valley in to Utah and South into Arizona and New Mexico.

We arrived at the visitor center, where you had to wait in line to get a ticket to walk into one of three Cliff Dwellings. We chose the "Balcony House", most of the people go to the larger Cliff Dwelling, but, "Balcony House" was different. You have to hike down steep stairs to the side of the cliffs, then up a 45 foot ladder, looking down at a 1000 ft canyon. Once inside, the guide, which had to be a Professor, blew you away with the history of the Dwelling. You went through several passage ways which were very small. When we exited, the passage way was so small, I had to get on my belly to crawl through. I barely made it through, then we had to go up another 50ft ladder to exit out of this dwelling. We got to the top of the road, look at each other and said…. WOW !!!!

We set our sights for the end of the day to get to Pagosa Hot Springs. It about 2-3 hours east of Durango heading towards Santa Fe…. This place was a trip, we really like it. The Hot Spring park has 11 different hot mineral pools cascading down sections of a hill next to a river. Each pool has different degrees posted next to them. From 93 by the river, to 111 degree at the top of the hill, you would sit in pools of mineral hot springs which would soak into your body. Each pool was the size of a small backyard swimming pool. One neat feature, to get to one pool, a cement bridge was constructed right in the middle of a cooling pond. You would walk across 6 inches deep water to the pool. Its sort of like walking on water if you know what I mean. The Hot Springs park at Pagosa is open 24 hours a day. We were there on a Saturday night too, so, you bet, the town was there that night. It was fun. Kate and I got another massage after being in the mineral waters for about 1 hour and half. Talk about feeling like a noodle… We went out to eat that night, came back to the Hotel. Kate and I went back to the Hot Springs, then I stayed in various pools till 11:00pm… It was heaven.

The next morning we were all excited to go into Santa Fe. The drive to Santa Fe started off with a sighting of a Grizzly bear about 200 yards off the road in a field. Just walking around the green valley. Since Wyoming and Yellowstone through Crested Butte and i

Joseph Yoklavich
67 Cascade Springs

The Woodlands, TX 77381
United States