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Joe's Cooking Recipes

For my smoker in the back yard


Ok, I love to cook. I cook on my smoker on a few occasions per year ( once everyother month, holidays, and special occasions like our feast). When I do spark it up, I cook for several meals. My wife uses the extra for Gumbo, Sandwiches, Salads, and other thing. I built my smoker with 155 bags of cement forms I created, customize rock work, custom Iron doors and grills. It took 6 months and tested my marriage. Previously, I used my neighbor Pipe Iron smoker in his backyard ( a real Cajun) . You can use a simple smoker you get at builder square. As simple as it is, you can do the same with a BBQ Grill and your oven. (Results will vary) but, with practice you’ll get it down. The key to many of the things that I cook is where you get your supplies and what you buy. So, I will put in detail how it is bought, prepared, cooked, and served. Last, I don’t consider myself a great cook. Watch "Emerl Live" on the Cable Food Network, he is a great cook…Boy Scouts got me started, then I did cook at a country club during colleges, but that was a long time ago. Mostly, messing up my wife’s kitchen with trial by error (mostly error) forced me outside to do my best work. So Enjoy …..

The Wood and Fire

· As important as this sound, it is very simple. For fish, I like to cook with Pecan. · For Meat like Brisket, I prefer Hickory and Mesquite, with Pecan at the end. · Pecans, including the shells and whole nut, have a sweat taste to it. Highly recommend using full shells the last hour of smoking · Hickory cooks a little hotter, and Mesquite has the best over all taste to meat. · I combine Mesquite Charcoal to start the fire and to keep the temputure up in the beginning, but only put wood on after that. · Best tip to starting a fire, go get a 2*4*8 pine, chop up to 18" and use axe to make the shavings. Newspaper on the bottom, build a log cabin stack, then with the pine make a mid wall and put the charcoal on the top. · Feed the fire with paper and air…. I even use my leaf blower to get it kicked up. · NEVER, use charcoal liter fluid, or any petroleum product to start your fire. · Let the fire roar for 30 mins, then start to cinch down the airflow and get the temperature stable pending what your going to cook. 200-225 for fish, 250-275 Brisket… always, let the temp get lower toward the end of your cooking…. · Always have a temperature gauge, its important to know how hot your food is… I get my Firewood off 1960, 1 mile east of the Hardy Toll road. Left side, sells by the 1/4 cord or full cords ( truck load) the best wood I have found. Mesquite is my favorite.

Smoke Salmon

First off, getting the Salmon. Most stores or seafood markets sell Atlantic Salmon. But, the best is Pacific Salmon. I have FED-Ex from Seattle before just to get the best. The Salmon at the feast was from Chilean. Alaskan Salmon and Norwegian Salmon is the Best. Have the Butcher, get rid of all of the bones, you can use the remains for a broth(talk to my wife about that). I have them Butterfly and cut out the bones, Take off the Scales too. Next, I go to Randals and buy the following: · Tub of Margarine or Butter · Deep dish pan · Large Bottle of Teriyaki Sauce · BBQ Rub ( season salt for Brisket ) · Honey The day before cooking, you buy the fish, always fresh, NEVER frozen. A seafood place will never freeze the fish. So ask, your butcher when they got their last shipment in(Ask for Dates). Look for dryness on the meat, if it smells or looks any bit dry, then don’t buy it. 8 to 10 pounds will fill the pan, anything bigger will not fit the pan. If you get something smaller, never buy Salmon steaks, just buy the filets. Take the Salmon home and wash it with cold water. Take BBQ rub, and/or Season Salt and rub the back side (Skin Side) of the Salmon. Take about 3 scopes of Margarine or Butter an put in the pan. If just filets, small scope per filet. Place the Salmon on the butter in the pan. In a very big bowl, put 1 cup on honey and 1 cup of teriyaki sauce. Heat up in the microwave for about 2 mins. Stir up before and after putting in the oven. Pour the contents on top of a Salmon. Then, if you have some extra honey just pour a little on the top too. Seal in aluminum foil, and put in the refrigerator over night. My smoker will be at 175-200 degrees at first, I cook the salmon on the lower rack with Randals Green Onion Sausages drip down on top. It takes about 2 and half to 3 hours to cook. I will let the temp drop to about 150-175 in the end, and make sure the smoke is pushing out of the side of my smoker toward the end. Every 30 mins, use a Turkey Bayster to pour the juice over the Salmon. Flip the Sausages after 1 and half Hours. If you don’t have a rack, then just put the Sausages on the side of the pan. Serve hot or cold, it last for ever in the refrigerator, good for Dinner, finger foods, or on top of a salad. Its very rich in taste and great to eat with a good Cabernet.

Baby Back Ribs

This is my favorite, yet, very simple to make. But, its start by buying quality ribs from a butcher. I get mine from butchers or Randals. About 5 slabs per pan, I look for very pink and fresh ribs. Make sure you don’t see any brown spots or dry areas. With the ribs, I buy the following: · 3 Onions · 3 Anaheim Peppers · 5 Jalepinos Peppers · Deep dish pan · BBQ Rub - it’s a season you put a briskets and ribs · BBQ Sauce - ( I like Stubbs ) - don’t be cheap with this… First Slice up the Onions and Peppers into the bottom of the pan. Put it about 2-3 cups of water. Cover the Ribs with BBQ Rub(season salt), put the rips in the pan, meat side down, and seal the pan with Aluminum Foil. Place in oven at 325 for 3 hours. After 3 hours, take the pan out, drain everything out of the pan into the sink. Have the smoker going at about 225 degrees. Place the ribs in the smoker. For added flavor have the sausages dripping on top. Smoke the first hour without BBQ Sauce, then one more hour covered with BBQ Sauce. Let your temp drop to about 150-175, but keep up the smoke with full Pecans the last hour.

Vegetable Side Dish

Slice up Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Onions, very thin slices Sweat Potatoes, in a foil pouch. 3 table spoons of butter and half jar of chopped garlic on top. Season lightly with Lawyers Season Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper. Keep pouch open on top. Put in Smoker for no more than 20 mins – butter melts, vegetable taste great.

BBQ Brisket

Get the most ugliest, fattest looking piece of Brisket from a good Butcher. Make sure you have a large amount of BBQ Rub (season salt). Put the Beef into a trash can bag, covered with the RUB… Seal off and put in the Refrigerator over night. Get your Smoker up above 250-275 degrees. I like to cook my Brisket on top of Aluminum foil. Start with 4 hours with the fat side up, then 4 hours down, then the remaining, 4 to 6 hours fat side up, temp 150-175, lots of smoke…. Bless it with Beer every 2 hours (splash beer on it, Heiniken’s) … Make sure its cools down a little before you cut into it. Save leftover for chop beef sandwiches Good tip, if the beef can drip into a water tray, then the water keeps the beef from drying out… else the beer helps out…

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